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A 2D world, a huge set of blocks and mobs and your imagination and you're all set to go!


Like Terraria, except it's 3D. And with more customisability, more games, more servers and more possibilities!

GTA 5 (FiveM)

Pure Roleplay, crashing into people with cars and flying 3 feet over buildings in the biggest plane ever built. Everything's possible.

What else we provide?

A small, yet cozy community

From Australians to furries and even some dragons. We have all sorts of people in our small community!

Friendly staff

Our staff team here is focused on making the server an enjoyable place for everyone no matter who you are


We are constantly updating our servers and website to the highest quality with our development team

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Our team

Servers Running
Staff Members
Years since first boot.

Who we are

We are a team of gamers aiming to give you a great experience in Minecraft, GTA 5 and Terraria, few of the most popular multiplayer games. We may be small but as we grow we’ll surely have more people and achieve more things!

  • Dedicated people from different timezones
  • Helpful, hand-picked staff all aiming for the same goal
  • Young and creative gamers that listen to the audience
Improvements / Updates
Always Updating, Always Improving.
Server Maintenance and Interaction
We may be an active team, but all of us still sleep and live our personal lives.
User Interaction
We always listen to our members and improve based on your input.
Free to play
It is free to play on our servers, but you can always buy extra perks / ranks